Consultancy & Analytics Services

Sharks & Partners Consultancy is your strategic ally in the startup ecosystem, offering a comprehensive suite of services tailored for both burgeoning startups and discerning investment firms. Our expertise spans market strategy, organizational culture, commercial performance, finance, legal, technology, and investment services, ensuring your venture thrives at every stage.

For Startups and Scaleups
Holistic Market and Strategy Insights

Navigate the competitive landscape with precision. Our market and strategy consultancy empowers startups to identify opportunities, define clear goals, and achieve sustainable growth.

Organizational Excellence

Build a resilient and dynamic organization. We help you cultivate a strong culture and optimize performance to drive your startup’s success.

Commercial and Performance Enhancement

Maximize your market impact. Our commercial strategies and performance metrics ensure your startup achieves peak operational efficiency and market penetration.

Financial and Legal Expertise

Navigate the complexities of finance and legal matters with confidence. Our seasoned experts provide sound advice to safeguard and grow your business.

Technology and Innovation Support

Stay ahead of the tech curve. We provide cutting-edge technology solutions and innovation strategies to keep your startup competitive.

Strategic Investment Services

Secure the funding you need to scale. Our investment services connect you with the right investors and provide strategic guidance for fundraising success.

For Investment Firms

Sharks & Partners Consultancy offers a seamless SaaS platform tailored for investment firms, including family offices, VCs, CVCs, and funds. From scoring and valuation to entrepreneurial assessments, our tools equip you with the data and insights needed to make strategic investment decisions with confidence.

Comprehensive Startup Scoring

Evaluate your investment prospects with confidence. Our SaaS platform offers detailed scoring for startups in your pipeline, ensuring you make informed decisions.

Entrepreneurial Assessment

Understand the people behind the ideas. Our personal assessments of startup entrepreneurs provide deep insights into their capabilities, leadership styles, and potential for success.

Accurate Valuation Advice

Get precise valuation insights supported by different valuation models. Our experts provide accurate and reliable valuation advice, helping you understand the true potential of your investment opportunities.


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