Deal Club
(Early Stage Investments)

Welcome to Sharks & Partners Deal Club, an exclusive community where visionary angel investors connect with groundbreaking early-stage startups. Through our intuitive mobile app, members access curated investment opportunities, enabling them to back the next wave of innovation.

Why Deal Club membership?
Exclusive Access to High-Potential Startups

Gain privileged access to a handpicked selection of promising early-stage startups. Our rigorous vetting process ensures you are presented with only the most compelling investment opportunities.

Seamless Investment Experience

Invest with ease using our user-friendly mobile app. Stay informed, make quick decisions, and track your portfolio all in one place.

Thriving Community of Investors

Join a dynamic network of like-minded investors. Share insights, collaborate on deals, and grow your investment acumen alongside seasoned professionals.

Premium Networking Events

Expand your horizons through our exclusive events. Network with fellow investors, industry experts, and innovative entrepreneurs, all designed to foster growth and collaboration.

Continuous Learning and Development

Stay ahead of the curve with our specialized development programs. Attend workshops, seminars, and webinars tailored to enhance your investing skills and market knowledge.

Supportive Investment Ecosystem

Benefit from a supportive ecosystem that nurtures your investment journey. From initial discovery to closing the deal, our team is here to assist you every step of the way.

Annual Membership Benefits

Unlock a wealth of benefits with your annual membership. Enjoy priority access to deals, development and networking events and exclusive member-only content.

How to be a club member?

At Sharks & Partners Deal Club, membership is a privilege reserved for those who share our vision and values. Our community thrives on trust and excellence, and as such, we operate on an invitation-only basis.

To join our esteemed club, a current member must provide a reference, ensuring that every new entrant upholds the integrity and high standards we cherish. This selective process guarantees a cohesive and dedicated group of investors committed to nurturing groundbreaking startups.

If you are interested in becoming a member let us know, one of your mates can already be in the club.


At Sharks & Partners Deal Club, we take pride in the remarkable startups we've supported and nurtured. Below are the logos of some innovative companies that our members have invested in, each representing a unique vision and a promising future. These success stories are a testament to the collaborative spirit and discerning eye of our exclusive investment community.

If you are an early stage startup looking for early stage investment, feel free to apply.


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